Never change, Allen Leech. The Downton Abbey star took over for E! News at the red carpet press day for Downton's final season and asked costar Phyllis Logan all the important questions about on-set romances. Sorry, he didn't ask them, Jacques did.

Last time viewers saw Logan's Mrs. Hughes and Jim Carter's Mr. Carson, the two became engaged.

"I think that's what, certainly, a lot of the fans of the show wanted to see happen. For some strange reason they were interested in this late middle-aged romance developing and I think Julian [Fellowes]—he likes to give the audience what they want sometimes, and not other times as well! In this instance, it was lovely that he saw the right path for both Carson and Mrs. Hughes that they should be destined," Logan told us.

Downton Abbey, Season 6


Hearts swelled all over the world over the news. Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson forever!

Click play on the video up top to see Leech and Logan ham it up. Hmm, Leech and Logan sounds like a great talk show name…

Downton Abbey's final season premieres Sunday, Jan. 3 on PBS.

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