It's the spousal showdown of the century. 

Married dancing duo Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum are going their separate ways on the dance floor in a heated lip sync battle to set the new year ablaze. 

In a sneak preview of the upcoming episode for Spike's Lip Sync Battle, The Hateful Eight actor and Supergirl actress finally relive all of their dance glory for Step Up fans worldwide to relish in.

Sporting elaborate costumes and an even more detailed set of faux abs by Jenna, the mom and dad alternate in a series of themed choreography sets, including Jenna's Magic Mike-inspired floor grinding. However, the most impressive transformation seems to be Channing sporting Disney's classic Elsa ensemble from head to toe while immersed in a winter wonderland.

We wonder how their daughter feels about daddy's blond transformation. 

While the preview is short, one thing is for sure—neither one of them is going to give the other an easier time just because they're in love. 

"I just really hope my marriage isn't over after tonight," Tatum jokes with hosts Chrissy Teigen and LL Cool J

In response, Jenna chimes back with an equally daunting declaration. "We're going to war."

Judging by Teigen's alarmed facial expressions shown in the clip, we're in store for one very epic "Tatum Takeover." 

The episode will air on Jan. 7.

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