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The year in TV gave viewers heartaches and headaches, heroes and villains, murder mysteries and so much more. Behind all that were great performances from seasoned veterans and fresh faces. What better way to bid adieu to 2015 TV than to get to know those standout players a little better? Each actor was given the same 10-question questionnaire, designed to get to know the person behind the performance.

We'll be bringing you a new breakout star each day this week, so by the time the year actually ends, you'll have a new appreciation for the performances that rocked you this season.

First up, meet Arrow's Echo Kellum!

His first role on TV didn't come in 2015, but he did join one of our favorite shows this year. Kellum showed up on Arrow in season four as Curtis Holt. Felicity's new pal and the show's first openly gay—and adorably married!—character is set to eventually become the ultra-smart tech guru Mr. Terrific.

Kellum also made an impression on another one of our favorite shows, You're the Worst, as improv genius Tall Nathan. While we didn't warm up to the slightly cocky Tall Nathan as much as we did to Curtis, we still fell hard for Echo's terrific (get it?!) Arrow turn.  

What's the one song that you can count on to help you get into character?

"Glory"—Kanye West

Which TV show would you most want to star on if you weren't on yours?

The Walking Dead.

What's the craziest fan encounter you've ever had?

Once in a club, two very intimidating dudes approach me and lavished me with praise when I thought they were gonna kick my ass.

Who's the last person you called on the phone?

My childhood friend Jared.

What's your favorite word to say out loud?


What's your go-to drink order at a bar?

Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonic 

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Chilli from TLC

What movie/song/book/TV show can you count on to bring a tear to your eye, no matter what?

Anything ESPN 30 for 30 puts out. 

You're going to spend a year alone on the moon. What three things do you bring with you?

Spacesuit, iPad (loaded with books, music and movies), power generator.

If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

Move to LA and start doing improv the second you turn 18.

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