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Does your life feel just a little bit changed this week?

That's the effect that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler tend to have on us, especially when either one of them returns to their homeland of Saturday Night Live. This weekend, they returned together, and we were definitely dealing with a little case of our heart attempting to burst out of our chest.

They brought back Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. They recreated a Taylor Swift video. They were joined by Maya Rudolph for an episode of Bronx Beat. They danced with Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney. They brought us an insane game show that introduced men to their second wives. They even reclaimed their seats at the Weekend Update desk to remind us that while Michael Che and Colin Jost are fine, they are nothing even close to Tina and Amy. 

That episode was just brimming with joy and camaraderie and ladies supporting ladies, and it gave us a few questions. First of all, why aren't Amy and Tina in charge of literally everything? Second, how do we get Tina Fey's version of Sarah Palin to tell us stories to put us to sleep at night? Third, why don't more BFFs host SNL

It seems like it's time, after 40 years, for the show to switch it up a bit more. The last time a duo hosted SNL was back in 2004 when the Olsen twins hosted together, and before that, hosting duties were split between two only a handful of times. 

We say the time has come for that to change, and we've got a lot of suggestions: 

 Ilana, Abbi, Broad City

Comedy Central

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer

The Broad City stars are kinda like Tina and Amy 2.0: hilarious, blunt, and totally in love with each other. There's no way an SNL hosted by these two wouldn't be just delightful.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams

They play sisters on Game of Thrones and BFFs IRL, and they're both adorable, funny, and totally unwilling to spill any of the Jon Snow intel we know they have to have, despite the fact that we're literally pulling our hair out at this point. Maybe if we bribe them with hosting SNL they'll give in? Maybe???

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King 

After Gayle's unexpected appearance in Tina and Amy's episode, it's time for her to take the stage as part of one of the most famous friendships on TV. Oprah last hosted in 1986, and it seems like it's about time for her to return. 

Gabourey Sidibe, Jussie Smollett

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Screen Actors Guild Foundation

Gabourey Sidibe and Jussie Smollett

These Empire stars and real life BFFs are a lot of fun to watch together, and you know the Empire sketch would be magical. To get a taste of their friendship, just watch them play a fun game of "Most Likely." 

Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph

They're SNL veterans and we already know they work super well together. If Bridesmaids wasn't enough for you, all you have to do is watch them crack each other up playing game show spokesmodels on SNL in 2012 to be totally convinced. 

Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham 

Can't you just see the Playing House stars busting out body rolls on the Studio 8H stage? Their jokes be bangin' just as hard as their bodies, and the musical guest would be Kenny Loggins, obviously. 

Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, Billy Joel

Myrna M. Suarez/Getty Images

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence 


Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele

Key and Peele may be (sadly) over but their friendship and skill at sketch comedy must still prevail, right? Extra points for a surprise appearance by Liam Neesons. 

Billy Eichner and Elena

What wouldn't we give to see Pete Davidson try to keep a straight face while Billy yells at him about millennials and anal sex (and/or Bob Dylan) while everyone's favorite Billy on the Street guest Elena wanders around the stage, not confused but just sort of wondering why she has to be doing this right now when she clearly has jewelry to buy? NOTHING. There is nothing we wouldn't give, and no obstacle course we wouldn't tackle to make this happen.

Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Instagram


Taylor Swift and [insert squad member here] 

Taylor and her entire squad would be a bit much, and we're not sure Karlie Kloss has the comedy chops, but Blake Lively? Yes. Selena Gomez? Absolutely. Mariska Hargitay? You bet your face we'd love to see that happen. 

Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc

They're best friends in real life right? RIGHT? 

Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth

They're hot, they're Australian, and they're definitely funny. Luke is allowed to make an appearance during the monologue. 

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak 

Their friendship is legendary, from The Office to every gushing word Mindy has to say about him in her books. Every sketch could and absolutely should be romcom-themed. 

The Avengers

All of them. In character. 

Got any other suggestions for Lorne Michaels? Leave them in the comments below!

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