Kylie Jenner

Michael Simon/

The holidays may seem like an opportune time to play with gold leaf and glitter in your hair (and beards and armpits), but let's be real—the stuff can be as difficult to clean as it is to apply. So, our apologies, crazy Internet beauty trends—but unicorn-colored sparkly tresses can look a little over the top for a cocktail-attire holiday shindig.

How do we style our hair to get in the festive spirit then? We take our inspiration from Kylie Jenner.

Instead of using gold leaf, which can be expensive and time consuming to apply, opt for a pre-designed temporary metallic tattoo—yes, the staple of music festival accessories. For the holidays, however, stick to a streamlined cut-out, apply it to strategic spots of your hair and you'll have a genius alternative to any boring barrette. Watch the video above for the full tutorial!

In case you're also in search for a similar New Year's Eve hairstyle that's even easier, watch this Rita Ora-inspired tutorial below.

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