David Beckham is the Sexiest Man Alive but sometimes his son, Brooklyn Beckham, forgets that!

The soccer star opened up to The Graham Norton Show about a growing rivalry with his son and joked that he likes to remind him just who the cool one is in the family. Host Graham Norton brought up a couple of Brooklyn's Instagrams to prove how David likes to poke fun at his son.

In one photo Brooklyn snapped a selfie in which he was wearing a nice sweater and captioned it, "Rocking the old school Ralph Lauren." But if you scrolled down through the comments you would've noticed that his dad responded, "That's my jumper."

Boom. Called out.

Even funnier was the time Brooklyn posted a video thanking fans for bringing him to 1 million followers, and his dad video-bombs him and says, "I have 52 [million]." This family is just full of jokesters! But it's all in jest. Victoria Beckham's husband confessed that he might be past his prime (yeah, right).

"To be honest when we go out he gets recognized so much that I'm literally known as Brooklyn's dad now," he admitted. "I'm the one that takes the picture of him."

As if!

To one-up his son one more time, David got into a lightsaber fight with Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega, who was also a guest on the show.

"David Beckham, you have met your match," Boyega, who obviously has a ton of lightsaber training, said, in a serious-but-not-so-serious tone. As they raised their blue and red lightsabers to fight, Boyega called a truce.

"I just wanted to meet you, mate," he said, laughing.

Are you jealous yet, Brooklyn?

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