James Corden has some tremendous foresight.

His carpool karaoke segment on The Late Late Show continues to bring in big name stars, with One Direction being the show's most recent guests. But whenever someone appeared for his carpools, he had them sing "Joy to the World" so he could super cut the footage into one big epic Christmas edition.

It all began with Corden in the car with bandleader Reggie Watts. Reflecting on their "big year," the dynamic duo decide to see if any Christmas music is playing on the radio despite the fact they're in sunny Los Angeles.

"A lot of shows, snow, gifts," said Reggie, thinking back on 2015.

"Do you know my favorite thing about Christmas? Christmas music," Corden revealed.

"We probably don't have a way of experiencing that," Watts mused, "but it's cool to think about." 

James Corden, Carpool Karaoke


So they decided to cue up the radio where lo and behold "Joy to the World" is playing. The two began to sing, but when the camera cuts away to an exterior shot of the car and then re-enters the SUV, Justin Bieber appeared! So began Corden's Christmas karaoke, which also included Carrie Underwood, Stevie Wonder, Iggy Azalea, Rod Stewart and Watts. Everyone gets super into the hit Christmas song, and Azalea even drops a rap verse to change it up a bit.

The late-night host might have come up with the idea after Mariah Carey's appearance on the segment, as she is noticeably absent from the clip. Given the fact that her song "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is synonymous with the holiday, that's the only explanation for why she wouldn't be included. Jennifer Hudson is also missing, which is a real shame because you know she would have nailed those high notes.

Want to know how carpool karaoke started? Watch the video!

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