Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian has some fantasies.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star likes to put her own twist on the classic game of "Kill, F--k, Marry." Instead Khloe revealed on her app/website that she and her friends prefer to play "F--k, Marry, Friend-Zone." Khloe revealed that she and her friends recently played the game with the twist because some men apparently believe that "friend-zoning is worse than death, anyway!"

The 31-year-old E! star shared three rounds of their game-night specialty, which included comediennes, Disney princes and presidents. Khloe had to decide among Beast, Prince Charming and Aladdin.

"Of course I'd marry Prince Charming. No brainer!" she commented. "I'd f--k the Beast—I did want to f--k the Beast back in the day, LOL. I'd friend-zone Aladdin because he doesn't do it for me, but I'd let him take me on a magic carpet ride, haha!"

When it was time to get a little political, Khloe included Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George W. Bush. "Firstly, I just need to friend-zone George, LOL! I'd marry Obama, for sure. And I guess that means I do it with Bill!!!" she captioned a picture of all three of them.

Khloe Kardashian, James Harden


Kris Jenner's daughter must love to play this game because she admitted that there would be many more rounds to come in the future on her website. We wonder what her boyfriend, James Harden, has to say about this! We kid. We kid. But Khloe did have to defend her man when she was accused of being the cause of his lackluster season with the Houston Rockets.

"Someone's trying to give me too much power," Khloe said in her livestream on her website and app, adding, "But my p---y is f--king powerful bro, let me tell you that."

But she didn't take all the credit. She also praised her 26-year-old boyfriend's basketball skills, saying he's "the fucking s--t." She has been on the defense a lot as of late, often defending herself against haters on social media who criticize her for Lamar Odom's health crisis and her relationship with Harden.

"The greatest part about miserable peps is that they post all of this BS on your page. They attack with words behind their private pages," she tweeted. "Try to shame you or verbally bully your spirit. So I click on their pages and their bios say 'believer in God' 'Put God first' etc . But how is judging and spreading hate being a child of God? Being a child of the Lord means spreading love and uplifting one another."

She added, "Why don't you drink your own kool-aid and uplift yourself. Stop spending ur energy hating on others. It's only destroying ur own soul."

Make sure to watch an all-new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!.

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