Facebook Year in Review


Who recalls the great Facebook year in review fiasco of 2014? The social media site pissed off a lot of peeps last year when their algorithms unearthed a slew of breakups, deaths, and other unhappy memories in their year-end profile roundup. While Forbes reminded us about last year's disaster, Facebook got to work and updated their yearly feature to be a lot less depressing. Tech Crunch says this year will be a better one. Now you can change any of the ten photos in your roundup post. Thank God, because we're assuming you don't want anyone to know your year consisted entirely of butt selfies and Doritos Locos pics.

The article notes that Facebook has taken a bevy of preventative measures so blocked friends, exes and more won't pop up. You will never need to worry about that awkward, passionate, 3-week Tinder relationship showing up to ruin your year in review. This new feature comes after Facebook dropped a fab tool to help you get over an ex. Hey, Facebook! Can you make a button that permanently deletes the profiles of anyone who still thinks it's okay to use the poke button? KThxBai. 

Are you stoked about your year in review? Tell us why in the comments! 

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