Dax Shepard, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Christmas may become the weirdest holiday for Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell's daughter Lincoln, 2.

On an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that aired on Thursday, the 40-year-old actor said he is "100 percent honest" with their little girl, the eldest of their two children. And when the time came to explain Santa Claus to her, he got a little creative.

'I said, 'There's gonna be a guy stopping by on Christmas Eve in a red jumpsuit with combat boots, huge Grizzly Adams beard. He goes by Christopher Cringle or St. Nick,'" he said. "He's got a lot of aliases and he's gonna show up riding a team of endangered animals."

"He's gonna park them on the roof then he's gonna repel in. He's gonna root around the area for a while, eat some cookies and whatnot. Don't worry, he's not diabetic. He looks like it, but it's OK. And then if you come out, you may find him getting handsy with mom under a mistletoe,'' he continued. "So she's very excited."

He said Lincoln asked if the man was married.

"And I said, 'Ya know, he's married, but he travels a lot. I don't know what his real arrangement is. He hangs out with a lot of children—they're his employees, which is also...' So she's excited she can't wait to meet this felon."

Shepard and Bell, 35, are also parents to daughter Delta, who will turn 1 this weekend.

Shepard appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show wearing a CHiPS costume. The actor is directing, writing and starring in a reboot film of the hit series about highway patrol officers. The movie also stars Bell, as well as her Veronica Mars co-star Ryan Hansen.

Dax Shepard, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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"She is in the movie. She's an obvious choice. She's a great actor and she's also very affordable since I'm directing it, but I was nervous cause she has to play very unlikeable and I started telling her, 'I'm not positive I want to hire you because you're just so intrinsically likeable,'" Shepard said.

"And then she got offended that I thought she was a bad actress," he continued. "So then I had to tell her she was very unlikable and that was a disaster so no matter really what. It just didn't work out well, so she's just in the movie basically. I just said, 'OK, you're hired and let's stop talking about this. I'll see you on set.'"

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