Donald Trump has tackled a lot in his career.

Whether he's building a real estate empire or writing 12 books, Trump seems to have experienced a lot...except one thing: writing a children's book. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday, Trump admitted he wanted to give authoring a kids' book a try, but hadn't yet. Fortunately host Jimmy Kimmel revealed he ghostwrote one for the presidential hopeful, titled Winners Aren't Losers.

Authored and illustrated in the style of a Dr. Seuss book, Winners Aren't Losers tells the story of an inspiring Trump trying to direct children and animals to be winners instead of—you guessed it—losers.

"Winners aren't losers. They're winners—like me! A loser's a loser. Which one will you be?" Kimmel read from the book. "Winners do deals and winners get rich, while sad little losers just sit there and bitch."

"This should be a big seller," Trump joked.

Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel


"My daughter loves it," Kimmel added.

The late-night host continued to read his work, which had Trump's name on the cover. "And poor Mr. Bear he must feel like a loser valeting that 2006 PT Cruiser," Kimmel continued to read.

Trump's confident persona continued to ooze through the pages, criticizing crustaceans and reptiles, too. "This lobster's a loser. Throw him in the pot. I like a lobster who doesn't get caught," the book read.

Kimmel also managed to include some of Trump's more controversial political views on illegal immigration in the book. "Now here are some frogs I do not like at all. We must kick these frogs out and then build a wall," the book said.

Earlier in the evening Trump told Kimmel that he welcomes Latinos into the country but want them to go through the legal process. "We talk about the wall, but we're going to build the wall but we're going to have a big beautiful door," he explained. "We want people to come in. We want people to come in legally."

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