There's a cooler Kris Kringle in town and his name is Will Ferrell. 

The former Elf is finally stepping into the big red suit this year, according to his Wednesday night announcement on The Tonight Show. However, the Hollywood jokester told Jimmy Fallon he's not looking to just pick up where the old Santa Claus left off. 

"Look brah, the Kris Kringle we all grew up with is old and lame," Ferrell said. "Dude looks like someone's weird grandpa. Kids today are demanding a newer, hipper, more badass Santa Claus, so you're welcome."

Physically, Ferrell took some creative liberties with the classic Santa suit, rocking a red furry muscle tee and coordinating Hawaiian print cut-off shorts. His voice was notably higher and has a bit of surfer dude flair.

He also made edits to the gift-delivering routine. Instead of shimmying down chimneys with a crew of trusty flying reindeer, Ferrell said he plans on placing orders for his gift on the trusty Internet and delivering them to children via drones. 

"Bro, this is 2013. Get with the prog," he joked to Fallon. "It's the year of the drone." As long as we're in the drone zone, that is!"

Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon


In addition to his Internet orders, Ferrell also took the time to share his own personalized present (and not-so-subtle nod to his upcoming movie)—a customized T-shirt with his face on it and the caption, "Daddy's Home." To find out what kind of gifts everyone wants, Ferrell has decided to cozy up on their laps. We're sure Mrs. Claus will just love that. 

"You don't sit on my lap. I sit on your lap," he declared.

She also will probably be thrilled about his vacation plans for Christmas since he won't be tied down in the sleigh. 

"I'm going to Cabo, bro! You know how I do," Ferrell announced. "Don't tell the misses!"

Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon


It quickly became clear that the rockin' new Claus is a few years behind schedule. 

"There's this new band I'm into—Smash Mouth," he shared with the audience. Of course, the segment could not end without a Christmas rendition of the classic millennium song "All Star."

"Let's give these people the greatest gift of all," Ferrell said. "The gift of song!"

And what a gift it was.

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