Taylor Swift, Adele, Celeb of the Year poll

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This is it. This is the moment of truth.

After nearly a week of your dedicated daily voting to choose this year's Celeb of the Year, we've come to the final two stars standing—Taylor Swift and Adele.

Yep, it's become a battle of the soulful songstress, with the remaining celebs in the running being two A-listers who actually have a lot in common. Both Swift and Adele have dropped new music this year that had everyone either rocking out in their car or weeping in the privacy of their own home (or out in public because LIFE).

And while it would give us great pleasure to give the top honor to both of these beauties, we can only choose one.

So get to it, you know the drill. Place your final vote below and come back tomorrow to see who won it all!

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Who Is Your Choice for Celeb of the Year?

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