Holiday Shopping GIFs

It's officially the week before Christmas and you're officially screwed.

Not to be a scrooge about it, but have you even started holiday shopping for the family? If the answer is no, you are totally in the right to set off into panic mode as you head in the direction of holiday shopping hell.  

While there's really no way around it (we're definitely not suggesting that you show up empty handed at Grandma's house), we've compiled a few super-simple shortcuts, if you will, to help you navigate holiday gifting like the procrastinator that you are. 

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Rule No. 1: Order Online and Pick Up In-Store
Whatever is on your honey's list is probably on everyone else's too. Don't even bother aimlessly roaming cleared-out aisles this late in the game. That's a waste of your precious time. Save yourself the headache and order that coveted gift online. This is annoying, yes, but to ensure you get it under the tree on time, have it delivered to the store and get in the car to pick it up in person.

Holiday Shopping GIFs

Rule No. 2: Don't Be a Perfectionist
So you waited until the last minute to play Santa. We're telling you, now is not the time to get hung up on the details. If you've done your due diligence and hunted down that gadget of the season, there's probably going to be a catch. So your boo wanted it in red and not blue, tough luck sugar cookie. You should have been on this month's ago! Swoop it up before it's gone and count your lucky stars that you even got your hands on it at all.

Rule No. 3: Know the Power of Generic Gifting  
Most of the time if we're lucky, loved ones tell us exactly what's on their wishlist. Other times, however, we're left a little in the dark on the subject. In those instances, especially when you're against the clock, do yourself a favor and keep it simple. Write a nice card. Stuff it with money. Kind words and dollar bills are always a welcome gift in our book. If sharing heartfelt sentiment or parting ways with cold, hard cash isn't your style, go with another guaranteed crowd-pleaser that even you can enjoy: Alcohol.

Done and done! 

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