Quit Facebook GIFs

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Need your Facebook fix morning, noon, and night?

There's a reason why you're having trouble getting off the social media site.

Quit Facebook GIFs

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Cornell University researchers have released a new study which explains why so many users who have tried to ditch the online platform just keep coming back.

The study followed 99 Days of Freedom participants, Facebook users who pledged to take a Facebook break for 99 days.

Quit Facebook GIFs


Spoiler: A lot of them couldn't hold off for that long without logging back in.

When the researchers questioned relapsers they found some common reasons why Facebookers struggled to stay away.

Quit Facebook GIFs

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First, if you thought you were addicted, you were more likely to get back on the site. Feelings of "withdrawal and limited self-control" made some Facebook users quit their quitting, according to the study, which was published in the journal Social Media + Society.

So like, tell yourself it's NBD rather than a habit. If you consider Facebook to be addictive, it's going to be.

You need to believe you don't care. You know, like what you do after a breakup, but this time the breakup's with Facebook.

Quit Facebook GIFs

Another interesting highlight from the study? Your mood has something to do with whether or not you get back on Facebook.

People feeling positive were less likely to log back in, while people who were bummed out turned back to the site.

Cat videos and ice cream usually do the trick for us. Maybe try Googling "shirtless Chris Hemsworth" next time you're feeling down?

Quit Facebook GIFs

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If Facebook is bae to you, it's likely you'll have more trouble staying away.

Users who leave Facebook, but have other social media sites they've been seeing on the side, can be satisfied getting their fix elsewhere.

If Facebook is the only one for you, it's harder to stay away, according to the study. No one said it was easy being loyal to the soil.

So if you're trying to delete your account, and are majorly struggling, just know you're not alone.

Facebook has all of us feeling some type of way.


Quit Facebook GIFs

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