Larry Wilmore

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Larry Whilmore, get ready to roast.

The Nightly Show With Larry Whilmore host has been selected to host April's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. The organization announced the news Wednesday, and the Comedy Central star turned to Twitter to share his excitement.

"I'm beyond excited for this!" he wrote, and included an article that revealed the news.

"Larry's edgy, even provocative, brand of humor means he's certainly up to the task of skewering politicians of all ideological stripes, and we don't expect the nation's news media to escape unscathed, either," said WHCA President Carol Lee in a statement. "We are thrilled that Larry has accepted our invitation to be the featured comedian at our annual dinner, which will be the last during the Obama White House."

Whilmore has gone after the presidential candidates nonstop over the past few months, criticizing the politicians on both sides of the spectrum. He called for a "total and complete shutdown of Donald Trump's mouth" and also joked that Ben Carson's aides are "struggling to understand why they still work" for him.

He also criticized Hillary Clinton for the way she told attendees at the Iowa State Fair how good the pork was. "Did she even taste the pork before she it was so good? 'Ahh, it's so good,'" he said, imitating Clinton.

":Mmm, which is politician speak for fetch the spit bucket. But I gotta give Hillary credit: She completely deleted—I mean, she completely ate...right, that's what I meant to say. She ate that pork on a stick."

April's Correspondents' dinner will be the last for President Barack Obama. The president, First Lady Michelle Obama, some government officials and members of the press attend the event, which raises money for journalism scholarships and awards.

The dinner is scheduled for April 30, 2016.

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