Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, SNL, Saturday Night Live


One of our favorite comedy duos ever is reuniting to co-host Saturday Night Live together.

The Sisters co-stars return to their SNL roots this weekend, and with them they bring a ton of characters, recurring sketches, and inside jokes that are sure to make it a memorable gig.

You know when you watch the Golden Globes and wish there was more Amy and Tina and less actual award show stuff? Wish granted.

We couldn't imagine a better pick for the last episode of 2015.

Plus, they'll be joined by the legendary Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. Happy Early Christmas!

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, SNL


The ladies have had amazing careers since leaving SNL, but when you think about it, it hasn't been that long since the comedy stars who met at Chicago's ImprovOlympic in the early '90s, were dominating the late-night game.

Among their many Saturday Night Live moments, we've narrowed down a few throwbacks we'd like to see make an appearance on tomorrow's show.

We would also welcome Mean Girls and Baby Mama references, but we realize there's a limited amount of airtime.

1. Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin:

First up, let's start the show with a 2015 political cold open, just in time for the whirlwind presidential primary cycle. While Clinton's a strong candidate in the Democratic primary race, Palin's moved on to the punditry pastures while trying to stay relevant by any means necessary. Something tells us the folks over at SNL can find a way to bring these two together again.

2. The Bush Twins:

Speaking of politics, the Bush twins have an uncle in the GOP race... it's time these sisters reunite, have a slumber party, and break out their secret twin language. Watching their takes on Ben Carson and Donald Trump in a crappy version of Pig Latin is exactly what we need to deal with political news right now.

3. Weekend Update anchors:

Fey and Poehler were the first two-woman anchor team on Weekend Update from 2004–2006, telling us what was funny in the headlines each week. We're sure current anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che wouldn't mind giving up their seats for an evening to make it a ladies night again behind the news desk.

4. Fey as Blerta, from HBO's Girls:

Blerta, and her rubber hand, brought an entirely new perspective to HBO's hit show Girls in this hilarious parody promo. Fey plays an Albanian woman who dishes out very sobering, and sad, life advice to the show's characters. Fey isn't known for as many big characters on SNL, like Poehler, so this one is a real treat.

5. Poehler as Kaitlin:

Call in that Horatio Sanz cameo, because we're overdue for a reunion between the well-intentioned but hyperactive Kaitlin and her chill step-dad Rick. Watching these two break out in giggles while Poehler screams "RICK RICK RICK" in his face repeatedly is always a joy, making Kaitlin one of our favorite Poehler originals.

6. Poehler as Betty Caruso:

The last Saturday Night Live before the holiday hiatus is always known for tons of cameos, so we're banking on a Maya Rudolph drop-in so we can see the ladies of Bronx Beat together again. We could use some advice from Betty and Jodi—they never hold back.

7. Poehler as Amber:

Remember Amber? She has hypoglycemia. She farts a lot. And she's "rockin' one leg." She took her confidence (and really gross hygiene habits) everywhere from The Bachelor to America's Next Top Model over several SNL seasons. Time to hop on one leg while eating a bag of potato chips, Amy Poehler. For old times' sake.

And then if Amy and Tina want to keep the reunion going, and come home for the holidays with us, that's totally cool, too.

Speaking of these hilarious BFFs, watch their interview below as the Sisters co-stars open up about their 20-year friendship.

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