Kathie Lee Gifford tragically lost her husband, Frank Gifford, at the end of the summer, but she has maintained a positive attitude ever since.

Even though the Christmas season might be difficult for the Today show co-host, she's choosing to keep her head held high, telling E! News' Marc Malkin on the set of her and Hoda Kotb's A Toast to 2015 special that she's happy her husband is up in Heaven.

"Every day I start my day with my lord Jesus Christ. It's the way I live every day and I end it. My husband is with him, and I know that with all my heart," she says. "People don't understand that you can rejoice and grieve at the same time. I rejoice that my husband is there in a beautiful place and I miss him."

Fortunately she has the support of her on-air and real life BFF Hoda to help get her through the tough time. Hoda gave a beautiful tribute to Frank on the morning show shortly after he passed and lauded Kathie Lee for her strength. "I went to see her yesterday and she is remarkably strong," she told Willie Geist and Savannah Guthrie. "I am in awe of her."

And while Kathie Lee is thinking of Frank, she's also thinking about Hoda and her love life with boyfriend Joel Schiffman AKA "Boots," but she won't say too much.

"You stay out of other people's love lives and if she's happy and he's happy," Kathie Lee adds, as Hoda stands next to her. But she managed to sneak in one little push, "It is about time!"

She was only kidding, though. Kathie Lee insists that it's better to leave people and their personal lives alone. "She's a smart woman," Kathie Lee says of Hoda. "She knows her own heart. She'll navigate those waters very beautifully."

Even though Kathie Lee wasn't going to say too much about Hoda's love life, it does seem like she's Team Joel! To be fair, it's hard not to be given Hoda's adorable gushing about him.

"Joel showed me that anything is possible. Like, at 50 years old, you can have butterflies—you can feel that again," she told Closer Weekly in July. "At 50, you can trust someone and realize that there are second chances in life. Joel showed me all of that."

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