This is my owner I'm just helping him with his Christmas homework

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The Beckham family has been a whole lot cuter as of late.

We know, we know...that's pretty hard to do. After all, this is a family that takes, hands-down, the best group selfies on either side of the pond. How do you beat that? As it turns out, the one way to out-cute yourself is to get a new dog. 

Olive Beckham has been an integral part of England's other royals for some time now, but today she achieved something major: She got her own Instagram account. Praise posh.

Her owner-slash-human brother Brooklyn announced the big news on his own Instagram, saying simply "Follow my dog @olivebeckham23." (A post that was, it begs to be added, followed up by the most endearing mother-son selfie we've ever seen). And follow Olive we will!

The pup has only posted twice—the same selfie from Brooklyn's page, and then a video of Olive playing fetch in her backyard, but it's safe to say she's got all the makings of an Insta-star. She has great genes, soulful eyes, and class for days. You can't really go wrong.

Catch with my owner @brooklynbeckham ??

A video posted by Olive Beckham (@olivebeckham23) on

Of course, she does have some pretty steep competition when it comes to being the best celebrity pet on Instagram—Olive is up against the likes of a Lagerfeld, for crying out loud. So what better way to honor A-listers' furry friends than by pitting them against each other in a tooth-and-nail competition? 

That said, we've decided to award each of our favorites with their own well-deserved prize, because there are no losers when it comes to famous animals. Except those of us who blow an entire day scrolling through their feeds, of course.

Most Ladylike: Asia Kinney

She wears diamond necklaces. She hosts picnics (on vintage Persian rugs). She's never without the latest It bag. The canine daughter of Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney is a class act all the way—with wildly expensive taste, of course. It's only the best for this style star.

Biggest Jetsetter: Choupette

Next stop Havana, Cuba ||#Choupette #Chanel #Cuba

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Havana today; tomorrow the world! This Siamese beauty gets around, and she does it while flying in the ultimate comfort of her dad (Karl Lagerfeld)'s private jet. Is it slightly embarrassing when a cat has more stamps on its passport than you do? Yes. Does it stop us (and everyone we know) from constantly clicking through her pics? No. No it does not.

Cutest Sleeper: Cairo The Kat

Sleeping with my tongue out ??

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Life is exciting when you live with Macklemore. Except Cairo wouldn't know, because he spends 95% of his time snoozing. Is his dad's music even good? Who knows. But he's got the comfiest furniture. Luckily Cairo looks so darn adorable when he's off in dreamland that it's hard to get too frustrated by his lack of energy.

Most Viral: Cecil Delevingne 

"Yeah I'm stuck in traffic, almost there."

A photo posted by Cecil Bunny Delevingne (@cecildelevingne) on

Cecil just might be the next Fat Jewish (only without the stealing). Pretty much everything this little bunny does is a viral moment waiting to happen. And don't even get him started on his favorite memes. He even posts them when they don't have anything to do with his mom, Cara. Now that's meme love.

Most Missed: Lucky Hadid

Maybe if in sit in here long enough @gigihadid will miss her flight! ??

A photo posted by Lucky Hadid (@luckyhadid) on

No story about pets of Instagram would be complete without a mention of the fluffy sibling to Bella, Gigi and Anwar. He stuck by the Hadids through thick, thin and endless family photo shoots. If there was ever a way to upstage three model siblings, it's looking exactly like Lucky. The pup passed away this year, but at least we'll always have Instagram.

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