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Try as you might to get yourself together come Monday morning, chances are you're going to fall a bit short in terms of total preparedness.

First your alarm clock fails to go off, next you can't find your keys and, that's right, your hemline has come undone right before that 9 a.m. meeting. Sound familiar? 

Don't beat yourself up too much though, you're only human (and we can relate). Still though, with celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Demi Lovato always managing to look perfectly pulled-together in tailored garments all the time, we can't help but have the same aspirations for our own daily lives.

While we can't wave a magic wand and make all of your morning woes disappear, we can look to celeb stylist Daniel Musto to share his quick tip for dealing with mishaps of the fashion emergency variety.

"When I am wearing a shirt and tie, I use double-sided tape to secure the tie to the button panel of my shirt," shared the expert. Not surprisingly, the same philosophy can be geniusly applied to other fashion snafus.

ESC, MDM Double Sided Tape

Think about it: For any item of clothing that abruptly comes undone or that won't stay put, you can use double-sided tape as a no-hassle resolve. How many times has a crinkled collar refused to lay flat? What about the days when you dare to wear a skirt and knee-high combo, and the tall sock repeatedly slips down? This handy tape trick also works to hide bra straps, to secure a loose button and to hold crazy cutouts into place. The list is truly endless.

Especially for mornings when you're feeling a bit rushed, leave a roll of double sided tape in your car, desk draw or anywhere else where you don't want to get caught looking even the slightest bit disheveled.

So there you have it! Even if you don't have it all together, you can at least look the part.

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