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Any amateur potty mouth can drop an F-bomb, but it takes a seasoned cursing professional to work multiple C-word uses into conversation—like Tina Fey!

The Sisters star was a guest on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM Monday, and she revealed who it was that called her a c--t many years ago ("We've since made up," she said, "but it was Colin Quinn"). The comedian acknowledged his past vulgarity on Twitter, writing, "Statement: It's all true. I have used profanity when I've been angry at people. When I was wrong ( as with Tina) I've said sorry to them."

Tina already revealed who she called a see-you-next-Tuesday just the other week in London. As she tells it, she and a group of family friends wanted to take a group photo after their dinner at a fancy restaurant, and although they were standing "literally, for a minute," a woman "looking for a story" name-checked "Tina Fey, darling" and told her to, "Get your bum out of my husband's face!'"

Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Glamour January Issue

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Tina quipped that while her "bum is ample...it's not going around four people" to be in anyone's face. Yet, the woman persisted. Not one to back down, Amy Poehler's BFF marched over to the name-caller's table. "She's like, 'You need to know that in England, we don't do that, darling,'" Tina said, mocking the woman's British accent. "And I was like, you need to know that you're being a f--king c--t right now."

Brava! Tina's brazenness wasn't the only topic covered during her candid interview with Howard Stern. In fact, here are five other things we picked up on during the Sisters star's chat with the shock jock. 

1. She Hates Fakers: If you really want to piss Tina off, give her an "I'm sorry, buuuut"/faux-apology. "Don't say sort when you're not sorry," she fumed (in reference to the aforementioned lady in London FYI). "You're not sorry!"

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2. She Doesn't Want to Raise Spoiled Children: Tina and husband Jeff Richmond have two daughters together: Alice, 10, and Penelope, 4. You'd think Tina's successful career would make her a role model to her girls, but she jokes that might not be the case. "If anything I worry that they're gonna be like s--tty Manhattan kids who don't ever want to get a job," she said with a laugh. "Because all they hear me saying is like, 'I'm so sorry that I have to go to work,' and, 'I hate it,' and, 'I wish I didn't have to go.' I'm like giving them a reverse work ethic."

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3. She Has Help: In addition to Tina's hubby, she has "two full-time baby-sitters" to help when her work schedule is super busy. Howard wanted to know whether the working mom "would hire a hot babysitter," to which she replied, "I would hope that I could go and look into their soul and see if they're a lady's' lady or not..."

4. She's Become Feistier Since the Death of Her Father:  "I keep having altercations on the street with people," she told Howard. "I used to be afraid I would get in trouble with my dad if I did something...but I'm not worried about it anymore, so I"m like, 'F--k you' and constantly getting in street altercations...I never start it--it's usually if someone starts some nonsense with me....then I go a little to far."

Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey

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5. She Thought Tracy Morgan Was Going to Die: Tina's former SNL and 30 Rock pal was involved in a deadly 2014 crash, and she worried whether he would ever wake up again. "I honestly can't believe that he made it," she told Howard. "Because he was so frail because that...He was like, so diabetic, and for him to have survived that is incredible."

Sisters hits theaters this Friday.

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