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Love Actually is undoubtedly one of the most-watched movies come holiday season, and although it feels like we could recite every line without fail, there are definitely some questions that were never answered after the film's 2003 debut.

For example, did Karen (Emma Thompson) and Harry (Alan Rickman)—easily the saddest plot line in the movie—decide to stay together or did they go through with the divorce after the holidays?

Well, thanks to Emma Freud—director Richard Curtis' partner—and her live-tweeting of a midnight showing of the film over the weekend, we now know their story only gets more depressing.

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On a lighter note, however, Freud gave us some pretty wonderful and insightful bits of information throughout her Twitter spree.

For instance, she revealed that in the original edit of the film Sam did some crazy gymnastics throughout the airport while on his way to proclaim his love for Joanna. A deleted scene from the film proves her to be correct.

Meanwhile, she also divulged that two of the children in the play—the second lobster and the boy with the Spider-Man face—were actually her own kids, Scarlett and Jake.

As for Uncle Jaime (Colin Firth)—the man who proposes to the Portuguese woman—the only reason Curtis name him Jaime was so they could use the line, "I hate Uncle Jaime." His brother's name in real life is Jaime.

Finally, though this may depress you more than Karen and Harry's plot line, during the stand-in pornography scenes with Martin Freeman, he wasn't entirely nude the whole time.

So there you have it. All the questions you've conjured up about your favorite holiday movie over these last 12 years have now been answered. Thank you, Emma Freud!

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