Tina Fey is really just like us.

The 45-year-old Sisters actress sat down with Today's Matt Lauer Monday to dish on all the exciting things happening in her life, including her naughty new role as a foul-mouthed sister who helps her sibling get over her divorce by throwing one last party in their childhood home. She stars alongside none other than her longtime on-screen partner Amy Poehler

"This is like an old swaddling blanket from my baby times," Fey joked to Lauer of all the profanity required of her character in the upcoming film. "It was fun for us having done broadcast TV for 20 years between us to be able to curse a little bit."

But, are the good sister versus bad sister archetypes on screen true of the sidekicks in real life? Not exactly. 

"In real life, I would say we're both the good sister," Fey admitted. In fact, she has always been quite the opposite of the rule-bending sister she portrays in the new movie.  

"I was like a high-functioning nerd [in high school]," Fey revealed, adding that her teenage hobbies included editing the school newspaper and singing in the choir. "Not a drop of alcohol." 

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If only her high school peers could see her now. After decades in Hollywood, Fey has racked up a series of accolades, including her fifth time hosting SNL on Saturday.

This marks Fey's official entrance into the elite "Five Timers Club"—the impressive group of stars who have hosted the show on five or more occasions. 

"[Hosting is] like third behind lighting the Christmas tree once with you and this interview right now," Fey joked of where this moment ranks in her ranking of career highlights. 

Despite the impressive milestone, Fey isn't making any crazy demands for the holiday season. In fact, there's really only one thing on her Christmas list—potholders. 

The actress admitted that her's are entirely worn out. Fortunately, Lauer came to her rescue to present her with a shiny new set of kitchen mits. 

"I'm turning into my mom," she said. 

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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