Priyanka Chopra, Quantico


Eddie noooo! 

Turns out Rick Cosnett tragically died on The Flash just to do it again on Quantico, right after being revealed as the Grand Central bomber. Maybe. Probably? 

We're confused, actually. We know for sure that Elias had something to do with the terrorist attacks that Alex was about to go down for. He's definitely responsible, but claims he was being forced and had no idea that the bomb was real or that Alex would be the one framed. And it's not even clear if we'll ever know for sure, since he jumped out of a window to his presumed death by the end of tonight's midseason finale. 

Meanwhile, Marcia Cross appeared as Blond Guy's senator mother and was suitably impressed by Blonde Girl, until Blonde Girl broke up with Blond Guy. Oh and Blond Guy might also be a terrorist? That's at least the gist we got from him depositing money as his alter ego, Mark Raymond, right before another bomb went off. Those blondes and their shenanigans! 

Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Quantico


So yeah, another bomb has gone off, meaning there's yet another terrorist attack to solve. While everyone thought the bomb that Simon was tied to was underneath the hotel, that was only a decoy. The actual bomb was underneath bank that the FBI had taken over as its headquarters, and we've got to wait until March to find out who managed to survive that explosion. 

As for the actual conclusions we can draw from anything that happened tonight, we got nada other than the fact that we have really missed Eliza Coupe

She appeared as Ryan's ex-wife and current FBI partner to drop some truth bombs on Alex about how the poor guy does not heal quickly and needs more time to get over her and how freakin' beautiful she is, and we hope she's got more Ryan-related wisdom because we'd appreciate it if she stuck around a bit longer.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to work on our Zoom-related theories for The Flash now that Eddie (or some alternate universe version of Eddie) has a little extra time on his hands...

Quantico returns Sunday, March 6 on ABC. 

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