The Royals, 205


Did we just find out who killed King Simon (Vincent Regan)?

At the end of the episode, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) tells her children Prince Liam (William Moseley) and Princess Eleanor(Alexandra Park) that the murderer has confessed. But did the person who confessed really do it?

Plus, did Jasper (Tom Austen) just admit that he's working a con on Princess Eleanor?

Find out everything you missed on The Royals in the recap below!

The Royals, 205


1. Cyrus Promotes Violet:

Cyrus (Jake Maskall) tells his maid Violet (Keeley Hazell) that she's done her job "too well" and decides to give her a promotion.

"You will now be known as Lady of the Privy Chamber," Cyrus tells her. "I want you to be devoted to my well-being full time and since you'll no longer be wearing a uniform I thought a new wardrobe was in order."

2. Jasper Confronts Samantha:

Jasper demands to see Samantha/Mandy after he sees her in the palace. She meets him in the tunnels and confronts her about being there.
"Make whatever excuse you have to make and say goodbye to the princess," Jasper says. "This is my plan, my con. I'm in control, not you."

Wait, what con?


3. Queen Helena Sees Princess Eleanor Kissing Samantha:

Queen Helena has a heated conversation with Princess Eleanor when she sees a picture of her kissing Mandy in D-Throned. Watch the video above to see their tense convo!

The Royals, 205


4. Liam Meets a Girl:

King Cyrus hosts a knighting ceremony to honor Oscar Cabral. While there, someone catches Liam's eye.

When Liam spots her he walks up to her and asks, "So are you here for the dessert or the booze?"

She reveals, "Both. My family's trust funds Oscar's charity. When he sought political asylum here my grandfather sponsored him for citizenship. He's incredibly inspiring isn't he?"

The two spend the day walking around the palace grounds with her. Is this a possible love interest for Liam? We'll have to keep watching to find out!

The Royals, 205


5. Cyrus Has a Cartoonist Arrested:

King Cyrus invites Levi Drew the Editorial Cartoonist of the Independent Times who made fun of him to the ceremony. He pretends to take the entire thing as a silly joke, but during the ceremony he has him arrested! Just when we thought King Cyrus was showing a sweet side!

The Royals, 205


6. Lucius Reveals Alistair Lacy Is Dead:

Queen Helena has Alistar Lacy's whereabouts investigated after she suspects Lucius is lying to her. When she finds out he was indeed lying to her, she confronts him and he admits that Alistair Lacy is dead.

"He's dead," Lucious admits. "It had to be done."

Queen Helena then has him taken away.

The Royals, 205


7. Lucius Confesses to Killing King Simon, But Did He Really Do It?

When James, the head of security, takes Lucius away, Lucius is devastated.

Lucius loved Queen Helena and now he says he has "nothing more to live for."

Just when it looks like he's going to take his own life, James steps in.

"If you truly loved her, there is another way," James says. He then explains that Lucius can take the blame for King Simon's death and give everyone closure. Lucius agrees and confesses to the crime.

"I stabbed him," Lucius says to the police. "Once in the stomach and once in the chest. I killed the King of England."

The Royals, 205


8. Samantha Tells Jasper Princess Eleanor Isn't in Love With Him Anymore:

Samantha and Jasper meet in the tunnels again and Jasper goes off on her. Jasper tells her how much he's been covering for her and asks her why she's still here.

"You're just worried that the Princess is going to find out the real reason why you came to the palace," Samantha says. "I saw the way you looked at her at the knighting ceremony."

"Whatever I had with her it was all part of the con," Jasper says.

"Bulls--t," Samantha says. "And you know how I know? Because you had her in your pocket and you didn't follow through. But don't worry she's not in love with you anymore."

Samantha then says that they're "moving up the con" and wants to steal a very valuable diamond at the Prince and Princess' birthday! But is Jasper really still in on the con? We'll have to keep watching to find out!

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