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High-waist pants or, really, any variety of trousers tailored to perfection works whether it's on a red carpet or in a boardroom. But contrary to how fancy or formal slacks may feel, you can live comfortably in them. Just ask Hollywood It Girls Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.

Last week, the pair took to Miami's Art Basel streets in high-waist slouchy pants, dressing them down with sneakers and crop tops. Unlike our ankle-clenching skinnies, these trousers are wider in the leg, giving it a casual feel. Not quite as breezy as palazzo pants, there's a sophistication in the high waist, which paired with a causal top brings an interesting juxtaposition. Basically, these trousers can run the styling gamut, which means you may have a replacement for your favorite jeans.

Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin


You needn't be model size to pull off this look either. A high waist is universally flattering, and instead of a crop top, you can always tuck in a tee, tank and even a seasonally appropriate turtleneck. Opt for pants that slouch a tad—if it's too fitted, you may lose that cool-girl, laid-back vibe. You want to be as comfortable as you look, after all.

For our favorite high-waist trousers on the market, click though.

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