Most overrated moment of 2015

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There was a moment this year where the entire Internet lost its damn mind. Need a recap? Here you go:

The Dress GIFs
The Dress GIFs

Yeah. It was madness. And at the time, that dress and the argument around the color of the dress seemed to be the most important thing of 2015. And now? You might think it was all overblown, and you're probably not alone.

And then there were the selfie sticks. They took over our selfie lives so much that places had to straight up ban them. They were all over the place and while they certainly led to some precious photos (like Channing Tatum at Comic Con with all the Fox superhero stars), most of the time they were just an annoyance.

Why are we recapping what happened with The Dress and selfie sticks? Because those are the two overrated moments left standing in our Best of 2015 tournament. Cast your vote below for the most overrated pop culture item of the year and check back tomorrow for the winner!

Best of 2015: Overrated (round 4)
What was the most overrated moment of the year?

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Britney Spears doesn't need to use a selfie stick to get an awesome photo like this:

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