Um, no. 

That's how we're feeling after tonight's episode of Arrow, in which Felicity found herself shot and potentially (but not) killed by Damien Darhk's minions, right after she had accepted Oliver's proposal. We're just blatantly refusing to accept it. 

How many discussions about fake-out deaths have we had this TV season already? We're just over it to the point of being totally annoyed. Way to ruin "Little Drummer Boy" for us, Arrow. We already hated that song. Now we hate it even more. 

Felicity is definitely not the one in that grave, since the grave scene is about three months further in the future and also it is just not Felicity. If this show knows what's good for it, it won't kill Felicity. It also just won't kill Felicity even if it doesn't know what's good for it, because killing Felicity is just not a thing you do. 

We're happy here in our little hole of stubborn denial. Don't bother us here. 

Let's go back a bit. 

Oliver went full mayoral candidate tonight, hosting a volunteer event and even proposing to Felicity in front of half the town. He also publicly revealed Damien's evil plans in an attempt to get Star City to unite in a common goal to get rid of Damien. 




Of course, Damien wasn't so thrilled with that, so he attacked Oliver's campaign holiday party and revealed a new plan: a giant gas chamber! Turns out that bay project gave him access to some sort of evil algae, and he was ready for a full-on genocide. Felicity, Thea, and Diggle ended up in the gas chamber, but they were saved by Ollie, Laurel and Malcolm disguised as the Green Arrow. 

They even managed to blow up the building, but Damien survived, and revealed the underground cornfield that was hiding up his sleeve. Apparently, the air is finally breathable, and the next phase of his plan can begin, as soon as Oliver is no longer around to interfere, which means it's bullet time. 

Oliver and Felicity were happily enjoying their engagement in their limo until it was surrounded by Darhk's ghosts and the bullets started flying. Oliver successfully dodged them all, but Felicity was not so lucky, and so while Damien went home to his wife and daughter(?!?!), Oliver held a bleeding Felicity in his arms, and a preview tried to make us think Felicity really did bite the dust with help from Oliver's little speech from the grave flash forward in the premiere. "It's not his fault, blah blah blah." 

Sure, we believe he was that composed over the grave of his fiancee. Sure. 

We're so tired, TV. There are other ways to ramp up suspense and keep us interested over this long holiday break. You just might have to work a little harder to find them sometimes, but we promise it's worth it. 

What did you think? Head to the comments to weigh in. 

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