The League

Matthias Clamer/FX

All together now: Shivakameni Somakandarkram! The series finale of FXX's fantasy football comedy The League had everything: soap opera-esque baby daddy drama, a wedding, a Bollywood number, emergency surgery and even Larry David. Plus, one of the crew won a million dollars. Not bad!

The series said goodbye with a super-sized episode that revealed the final-ever winners of the Sacko and the Shiva trophies—a.k.a. the last- and first-place finishers in the fantasy football league. Who took home the vulgar title and who wound up with Shiva herself?

Pour yourself a beer and prepare yourself for highlights from "The Great Night of Shiva," a.k.a. the last episode of The League—ever.

Andre and Meegan Got Hitched

It shouldn't be too surprising that after their reconciliation, the couple decided to head to Mexico and elope. They're blissfully happy, but…

Andre, You Are NOT the Father

It turns out that Meegan got pregnant shortly after she and Andre broke up, meaning he's not the daddy—her ex, Pete, is. But don't tell Andre that! Both Ruxin and Jenny realized the truth, but they decided not to tell Andre. At least not right away.

Pete Wins $1,000,000—and the Sacko

You win some, you lose some. In Pete's case, he competed in a Draft Kings tournament and won a million dollars—but he also happened to lose to all of his friends and walk away the final winner of the Sacko.

The League


Kevin, You Are Also Not the Father (Anymore)

Jenny and Kevin wagered their fertility on the final round of play too, and Jenny ended up losing their bet and was supposed to get her tubes tied. But instead, thanks to a horrible mishap with a scissor-shaped trophy, Kevin walked out the infertile one.

Future Ruxin Looks Familiar

The 45-minute-long episode featured an extended Christmas Carol-esque sequence in which Future Ruxin visited Present-Day Ruxin and advised him on whether to tell Andre about Meegan's kid. And who played the future version of Nick Kroll? None other than Larry David. Yes, THE Larry David. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Who Wins the Shiva?

In the end, Andre and Ruxin are tied for the Shiva, forcing the winner to be chosen via coin toss—which Andre wins. But Ruxin got the Shiva too—as in the actual Shiva, the person. Future Ruxin showed him that the two would eventually begin dating.

Andre's Still a Punchline

It wouldn't be The League if Andre got to walk away with a happy ending. Instead, his pals worked on a long con that revealed, 18 years in the future, that Andre wasn't his son's biological father.

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