Spoiler alert: Ryan Gosling's charisma has been there since the first days of his career.

In honor of Throwback Thursday this week, and right on time with the actor's future flick The Big Short, E! News uncovered an old clip of the hunky actor from 2007.

During a press tour for his film Lars and the Real Girl, the Canadian star opened up to us about why he's falling head over heels for acting and has no plans of slowing down.

"It's different every time and I think that's what makes it fun. It depends on the part. It's always sort of different and I think it's sort of exciting to think about that the character looks like," he shared.

"For me, I never really have a clear picture. I just, you know, you can just feel when it's done. I think it just happens kind of naturally."

The heartthrob also pointed out that often times when he over-plans for his upcoming roles, it can have a counterproductive effect.

"The ideas that you have that you think are really great ideas are always the ones that you have to throw out," he dished.

"The things that have happened along the way while you're like having these grandiose ideas about your character are the things that end up sticking."

Gosling added, "I like to be in a situation where I have the opportunity to do as many kinds of films as possible you know so I don't have to do one kind of movie."

Looks like he's fulfilled that prophecy!

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