Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown


Seeing the Spice Girls reunite, even if it's only three-fifths of them, is as magical as taking a bath in a bowl of Trader Joe's pita chips. The mini-reunion happened in London as Geri Horner, Melanie Brown and Emma Bunton did lunch in London, according to Daily Mail. The article notes the trio hit up Sexy Fish restaurant, each posting the adorable pic above to their respective Instagram's. This mini-reunion got us thinking about all the other fabulous '90s bands that left us high and dry after going their separate ways. A Spice Girls reunion is epic in and of itself, but if these other '90s groups got back together, we would probably require an oxygen mask. Check our list of bands from our youth that need to get back together before we turn 30 and can't remember why we ever liked them. 


1. Blink 182. Technically the band is still together, but an unfortunate divide between staple members Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker sent Tom packing. Not that new member Matt Skiba isn't fab or anything, it's just kind of like readjusting to your favorite show after they secretly switch out actors in the middle of a series, and force you to pretend like nothing has changed. Here's hoping they can all put aside their differences and maybe play a show or ten with the four of them!


2. Savage Garden. Do not even judge us for this. You know you want nothing more than for SG to come back and hum "Truly, Madly, Deeply" in your ear as you lounge on your inflatable dELiA*s couch. Come on, right!? While it doesn't look like they are actively making music anymore (sob!), they did release what appears to be a sort of "greatest hits" album, according to their website. Christmas has arrived. 


3. Destiny's Child. Do we even need to put words here? If the Spice Girls can make a reunion happen, so can you Destiny's Child, so can you. Bonus points if Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams can track down the original members and bring them back on board for a reunion tour as well. How awkwardly touching and amazing would that be!? Extend the olive branch in the name of the Christmas spirit and make it happen ladies. 


4. LFO. The "Lyte Funkie Ones" (no joke) melted us with such hits as "Summer Girls." In extremely sad news, a possibility of a reunion isn't feasible, as member Rich Cronin passed a few years back. Fellow '90s boy bander Lance Bass tweeted condolences saying, "Sad sad day that Rich Cronin died- was an amazing guy. : (" 


5. 702. Seven-oh-who!? 702, people. Don't act like you don't remember. The girl group left us asking "Where My Girls At?" when they seemingly vanished after their hit. Sadly, a true reunion isn't possible either. Just like LFO, member Orish Grinstead passed in 2008, according to the band's Wikipedia page. We swear we did not mean for this list to get so emotional! 


6. Garbage. Chin's up '90s bb's. There is a happy ending here. Remember Garbage, the ultimate '90s band you used to rage out to while feeding your Tamagotchi? The band you thought disappeared along with your youthful skin? They didn't. In fact, their website notes they're playing a freakin' show next year! Can't make it? You can buy their 20th anniversary CD and head bang the day away instead. Done! 

Which '90s bands do you wish would get back together? Sound off in the comments! 


Andy Samberg channels '90s grunge 

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