Coco, Chanel Nicole


Coco and daughter Chanel Nicole are best friends already!

The model-turned-reality TV star has been sharing photos of her daughter nonstop since welcoming her on Nov. 28, and the latest is another adorable installment in the life of Chanel Nicole. In the pic, Coco is sitting down with a sleeping Chanel Nicole on her lap, but it's the first-time mom's other accessory, her necklace, that is the other star! Coco is wearing a Chanel necklace, which is an appropriate choice.

"Mommy and I bonded right off the bat," Coco captioned the picture, which appears on her daughter's Instagram page. Nothing says mommy-daughter bonding like a designer dud!

How adorable is the newborn's "miracle" hat?!

Chanel Nicole might be a little more than a week old, but she already has an extensive following on Instagram: 192,000 followers. She also has her own Twitter account with more than 28,000 followers. With such a social media presence, it was inevitable that Coco and husband Ice-T would face some backlash.

"The Haters have spoken! I guess Mama and Daddy are posting too many pics of me...." said one tweet from the newborn's handle. "Lol. I love it."

The Law & Order: SVU star turned to his account to defend the couple's choice to post so many photos of their newborn. "Are Coco & I exploiting our daughter because we're posting her Baby pics?? You gotta be kidding me," he wrote. "People ain't got s--t to talk about. SMH"

He added he didn't want to make money off his daughter's photos, hence their decision to share her pics on their own terms. "You can always hold the pics and make the tabloids PAY…. Not our style," he tweeted.

The firestorm launched after the couple shared a behind-the-scenes video from Chanel's first photo shoot.

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