Donald Trump, Eagle


This bald eagle is making Donald Trump super-uncomfortable.

Today Time dropped a behind-the-scenes blooper clip from Trump's photo shoot with the magazine earlier this year—and the video is hilarious, and a little awkward.

In August, the 69-year-old Republican presidential candidate covered the magazine, joined by an American bald eagle, named Uncle Sam... of course.

In the previously unreleased video Trump asks "how's my hair look?" after the eagle flaps a little wind his way.

Once he's primped and photo-ready, the real estate mogul gets back to posing for the camera.

As he sits at a desk for more pics, the candidate asks "you don't show the aspirin over here, do you?" and goes to adjust an item on his desk.

That's when the 27-year-old eagle leans down to try and take a little peck at Trump, though he doesn't make contact, as Trump dodges him.

Uncle Sam doesn't like people touching stuff on his desk. Sorry.

The results are a hilarious reaction shot of Trump next to America's symbol, trying to avoid an unwanted bite.

Hey, he's not running for Bird Wrangler in Chief, but he agreed to the bird photo shoot, so we're going to enjoy every morsel of what comes with that.

Donald Trump, TIME Magazine

Martin Schoeller for TIME

"I'm doing this for the cover of Time magazine. I love Time magazine. What you will do for a cover. This bird is seriously dangerous, but beautiful," adds Trump, in the video.

Granted, Trump's words for the publication were a little harsher this morning, after it was announced that German chancellor Angela Merkel was named Time's 2015 Person of the Year.

But Merkel didn't get to be a funny GIF. So there's that.

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