If there was a star at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding that wasn't a family member, it must have been Rich Wilkerson Jr.

After presiding over the couple's glamorous ceremony in Italy, the Miami based pastor shared an Instagram photo of himself posing with the newlyweds.

Fans quickly learned that Wilkerson and his wife have been close to the couple for many years.

"We love them, we're for them. It was a special day and we're happy that we could be a part of it," he explained to E! News. "I think often times people only get to see a glimpse of who you are so I think the guy I know is a loving guy, a family man and I think he's trying to do something good and I just appreciate him."

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Kimye Wedding Instagram


He added, "I just know my relationship and I think for me in life and what I kind of discovered on this journey is you don't have to agree with somebody in every area to accept somebody. On the flip side of that, when you disagree with somebody, you don't have to disrespect them."

In his new series Rich in Faith, Wilkerson will find himself struggling to balance all of his goals. In addition to smashing stereotypes about religion with his young adult ministry, the Vous, the 31-year-old is trying to balance marriage, starting a family and expanding his church.

Through it all, Wilkerson knows that everyone is on their separate journey with faith. He just hopes he can help with his ministries and new book titled Sandcastle Kings.

"Everybody is on their own journey. I think [Kanye's] on a journey. I'm on a journey. [My wife] DawnChere is on a journey and I think the better we do loving one another and accepting one another, the further we all go," he explained at the NBC Experience Store.

Rich in Faith, which features Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy as executive producers, premieres Wednesday night at 10 p.m. only on Oxygen.

(E! and Oxygen are part of the NBCUniversal family)

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