Behold the early makings of a worldwide musical megastar. 

In a rare new video of a 7-year-old Beyoncé, fans have the opportunity to set eyes on the record-breaking songstress doing what she does best decades before the world had ever uttered her her name.

A pint-sized Beyoncé takes the stage clad in the iconic Dorothy costume, complete with red bows and a sequined blue dress, as she prepares to hit her first note at a singing competition geared for children 7 years old and younger. 

Without any visible hint of fear, she takes off into her song of choice—The Wiz's famous balled "Home" previously performed by musical greats like Diana Ross and Whitney Houston—with the same level of confidence she would display for years to come. 

Beyonce, Blue Ivy


While her musical prowess has strengthened since this early day on the stage, her underlying star quality is clear from this moment as she clenches the microphone, waves her arms in the air with vigor, and hits the high notes with the same tenacity as a singer three times her age. 

In an almost eery final moment, after Beyoncé took her final bow, the judge admitted to the audience that she "better get her to sign something...before she starts charging for it." 

It's almost uncanny to think the 34-year-old Grammy winner is now a mom to a toddler of her own as Blue Ivy nears her fourth birthday in early January. 

The timing of this clip is lucky considering the 1975 Broadway musical recently celebrated a resurgence as NBC's latest televised musical.

While she was initially rumored to be joining the cast, fan's dreams never came to fruition. However, the stage-to-screen venture still finished on a high note—just like baby Beyoncé in this clip. 

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