The Bachelor


Do you feel the chill in the air? Hear the bells ringing? See those fireworks going off in the distance?

It's clearly just about time for The Bachelor to return, and we are so ready to be showered with love, stupidity and the tears of some girl named Lauren. 

Just based on this year's list of ladies vying for the affection of Ben Higgins, we can already tell that this is going to be a very interesting season. One of them is a "chicken enthusiast", and we may spend the next three weeks debating whether she eats chickens, raises chickens, dresses up as a chicken, has a lot of chicken decorations, or all of the above. Two of the women simply have "twins" listed as their occupation, which is just not a thing. 

The question is: Are you ready? Have you sharpened your Bachelor senses lately? Can you look at a list of women and tell which ones will make it all the way and which ones will barely make it out of the limo?

It's time to test those judgment skills, because in honor of the series' landmark 20th season, we are unleashing our first Bachelor Fantasy League!

The Bachelor


Here's how it works: 

Take a look at all of the women in the gallery below and pick the top five you think will make it the furthest. Tweet us your picks before 5 p.m. on January 3, and then keep track of your team throughout the season. 

Each team member will earn you 10 points for every rose she gets. Team members can also earn points in other ways: 

Gets the first impression rose: Double points  
Gets a Kiss: 5 points 
Ben says "I Love You:" 10 points 
Goes on a One on One date: 5 points
Gets accused of being there for the wrong reasons: 5 points 
Cries: 5 points 
Makes a dramatic exit: 10 points 
Goes to the fantasy suite: 20 points 
Wins: 50 points 

You'll have the opportunity to change your picks halfway through the season just in case your team is way off. For example, this particular writer is forming an all-Lauren team simply in the name of name solidarity, even though she has a feeling that might not go so well for her. 

The highest score at the end of the season will win.  

So tweet your picks (or a pic picks) to @eonlinetv with the hashtag #EBachFL, then sit back and relax in anticipation of another season of insanity! 

The Bachelor season 20 premieres Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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