Get ready for Scream Queens' best episode yet.

Tomorrow night's season finale, in which the final Red Devil is finally revealed, is equal parts hilarious and surprising, and it deserves to be said: Arguably the most thoroughly enjoyable TV event of the season. 

For starters: Remember how this whole show was initially inspired by that infamous sorority letter from hell? The one we once had Emma Roberts do a cold reading of? Well, that all comes full circle in a very hilarious way, as Chanel's email to the Kappas goes viral and makes her a pariah on campus (and the country!). Check out our exclusive sneak peek by pressing play above!

That's just one of countless very funny moments in the finale. And of course, there's more murder and mayhem as the final Red Devil killer is revealed.

"There's not as much blood as you'd think," Emma Roberts (Chanel Oberlin herself) tells E! News exclusively. "There's more emotional blood but not a lot of actual blood."

More importantly, there are some great plot twists (which help to explain some of the previous head-scratchers on the show), and some cry-laugh-worthy scene with Emma and her Chanels, Lea Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis, and also Glen Powell and Niecy Nash that should earn them every award on the planet.

"I can't wait to see it!" Lea Michele (Hester) told me earlier today, adding that she was told who the killer was only a few weeks ago and she couldn't believe it. "I got the script and I thought it was so good and so smart. When we filmed the final episode, I wrote Ryan [Murphy] and Brad [Falchuk] and was like, what can I say? You guys have been so good to me and given me so many incredible gifts and this is awesome."

"We were all just shocked when we read it," Emma says of the finale script, "And it just makes every other episode look not crazy at all because it's just completely off the wall. We had so much fun going back and searching for all these little clues that we missed. I think you guys are going to be pretty shocked!"

Scream Queens has not yet officially been picked up for a second season, but Emma and Lea both say they are really hoping it will be, and that they'll be a part of it.

"Oh trust me," Lea says with a laugh, "I know where [Ryan] lives. I've talked to him about what her role might be, and I would love for it to happen."

And Emma, who spoke to E! News' Marc Malkin while promoting "Hot Chocolate for a Cause," a Godiva fundraiser for Toys for Tots, also said she'd be up for more.

"I genuinely don't know [if the show will be picked up]," Roberts admits, "but I hope so and I hope there'll be a lot more Chanel and Chad….[Glenn] was just texting me during this interview! I've known him for like 5 years. We just have so much fun together, doing Chad and Chanel because they're so far from who we are so we just get to be so outrageous with each other. He makes me laugh more than anybody else."

Same, girl. Same.

A few more teases about Tuesday's Scream Queens finale:

  1. The final Red Devil is revealed in the final hour.
  2. There is a surprising hook-up that will have you looking at Oliver Hudson in a whole new way—and laughing until you can't breathe.
  3. Remember how we unmasked The Red Devil? Well, yeah, you're gonna see the stunt guy's face in a scene that is definitely memorable.
  4. The thing that originally inspired the show—that real-life sorority letter from hell—comes back into play.
  5. Nick Jonas (' voice) makes another cameo.

Enjoy! OH HOW YOU WILL. And check E! Online right after the finale ends for some scoop on season two!

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