Staff Gift Guide

In case you haven't got enough gift guides this month, we're throwing out one more—call it a holiday bonus!—from the E! team.

We asked our staff the two big questions on everyone's mind right now: "What's on your wish list?" and "What's one gift you're giving this year?"

Are a lot of these answers oddly specific? Sure, but that doesn't make them any less awesome.

From Home Alone retro action figures to yummy white truffles, here's what our editors are giving and hoping to get this holiday season.  

Staff Gift Guide, Jacqui

Jacqueline Lee, Style Photo Editor
Giving: I am very lucky to have a total of five beautiful nieces under the age of three and so I will be going pretty crazy buying adorable little girl gifts for my family. I'm not sure their mummies would approve, but I've got my eyes on these candy sweet pink shoes from Sophia Webster

Getting (Hopefully): My husband proposed to me on Christmas day nine years ago with a pretty knockout solitaire from Tiffany's & Co and truthfully I think that was a good enough gift to last him forever. But just in case we win the lottery, or our cats' Instagram reaches 1 million, then I'll be leaving my magazines open on this page, just in case.

Staff Gift Guide, Mike

Mike Vulpo, Writer
Giving: My sister is a true Swiftie and it's only fitting that I help her accomplish her #swangoals. But let's be real, I also kind of want to try it next time I'm at the pool.

Getting (Hopefully): I'm finally going to Florida in 2016 for the first time and I'm hoping Santa surprises me with two Universal Orlando tickets. Orlando without Harry Potter land is like birthday parties without cake. It's just not right!

Staff Gift Guide, Kendall

Kendall Fisher, Writer
Giving: My best friend and I are the epitome of what it means to be a true Mean Girls fan, and by that I mean, we use at least one quote in every conversation we have. What better way to show our love for our favorite teenage flick than with a phone case displaying the absolute best line from the film: "Is butter a carb?"

Getting (Hopefully):  After a lifetime of being an Elvis Presley lover, I turned 25 and finally bought myself a record player last year in order to start a collection of his albums. Although I absolutely adore it, I came across this pink one not long after. At the time, I talked myself out of buying the second one, but now that Christmas is rolling around…the more the merrier right?

Staff Gift Guide, Melissa

Melissa Hebeler, Photo Editor
Giving: I plan on giving my little pup this cute raincoat with bear ears just in time for El Nino Winter in Los Angeles.

Getting (Hopefully): I've been looking for a new pair of sunglasses and these cat eye glasses with chains on the sides are just as classic as the brand's handbags.

Staff Gift Guide, Lindsay

Lindsay Scheinberg, Manager, Photo Online
Giving: My husband and I don't typically give each other gifts, we give each other experiences. Since we are both foodies, our gifts usually involve something edible. This year we are going to the Private Tasting Experience at SAAM at the The Bazaar in Beverly Hills.

Getting (Hopefully): The last thing I need is more stuff so all I want this year is something I can consume. This year it's white truffles!

Staff Gift Guide, Bruna

Bruna Nessif, Editor
Giving: I want to give my best friend "A Brilliant Madness" by Robert M. Drake. We're both obsessed with his Instagram and tag each other on almost all of his quotes, and she got me his first took books, so it's only right I get her his latest, right?

Getting (Hopefully): I'm being a bit fancy this year, and I really want to get a Canon EOS 70D SLR camera. I've been dying to take legit pictures of all the street art in LA and also make some videos for my blog, so I've been eyeing the equipment I'll need to do that, and this camera is on my list.

Staff Gift Guide, Seija

Seija Rankin, Writer/Editor, E! Loves
Giving: My mom is the ultimate travel addict and right after Christmas she'll be taking her dream trip to Cuba. She's been wanting to go for as long as I can possibly remember, so I plan on gifting her a box set of Ernest Hemingway novels to get in the proper mood. I figured it was a much more mom-friendly option than the latest Eugenia Kim fedora.

Getting (Hopefully):  Every year my boyfriend gives me a pair of pajamas for Christmas. I'm not sure how it started, but I've come to be somewhat of a PJ-set collector. I've been begging for a monogrammed pair for ages, but the requisite two-week wait has never really jived with his preference of shopping the day before Christmas. Hopefully this will be my year.

Staff Gift Guide, Rebecca

Rebecca Macatee, Editor
Giving: I'm giving this calendar to my sister because she has a Frenchie and I'm obsessed with crafty/cutesy stuff like this.

Getting (Hopefully): I'm moving to a place where I'll finally have the counter space for this kitchen mixer, and I've been wanting one for years.

Staff Gift Guide, Jenna

Jenna Mullins, Editor, E! Loves
Giving: I'm giving this to my Star Wars supernerd boyfriend. With Force Awakens coming out in December, he's been in Star Wars mode pretty much since Jan, 2015. Actually, he's been in prep mode for the film since the day they announced it. There's so much new Star Wars apparel and toys on sale this holiday season, but this game will be the perfect distraction until Episode VII comes out. And does this count as a Holiday gift if he's getting it early? There's no chance a Star Wars fan would wait until Christmas to play this game.

Getting (Hopefully):  Zelda fans are waiting with bated breath for the new Zelda Wii U game, which got pushed back to 2016. In the meantime, we can obsess over the Zelda-themed New Nintendo 3DS XL and play the new The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes game until our fingers bleed/the new Zelda game comes out. Whichever comes first. Also, Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time both have 3DS versions, so as a Zelda nerd, I should be preoccupied enough to stop complaining about the wait for a new Zelda Wii U game.

Staff Gift Guide, Noelia

Noelia Murphy, Senior Segment Producer
Giving: For my many pregnant friends, the Guncles carrier by Lillebaby that benefits the IAC Independent Adoption Center (nationwide).

Getting (Hopefully):  I want to get this Tiffany Infinity ring. No reasons needed, I mean look at it! I don't have nice jewelry aside from my engagement wedding ring. I'm too afraid to lose earrings and bracelets are too uncomfortable, this is perfection.

Staff Gift Guide, Tierney

Tierney Bricker, Supervising Editor, TV
Giving: While I loathe to give gift cards, this year, I'm doing them...but with a twist. I am getting people gift cards, but with a date/activity attached so we can spend time together. So, a movie theater gift card and a gift card for fro-yo or dinner. For my fellow bookworms, I am gifting them with a book that we can read at the same time, a long with a gift card for coffee, so we can have a book club/coffee date. Basically, I am forcing people to hang out with me. 

Getting (Hopefully):  As a massive Home Alone fan my entire life, I absolutely must have these retro action figures that are being released in honor of the 25th Anniversary. Finally, K-Mac (Kevin McCallister, duh!) can be my BFF!

Staff Gift Guide, Cinya

Cinya Burton, Senior Editor, Style
Giving: By now my best friends expect a beauty gift from me, and can't let them down, now can I? So this year I'm banking that the holiday sets from MAC will delight them.

Getting (Hopefully): My beloved but very cumbersome DSL camera broke this year (sad face) so I'm hoping Santa upgrades it with something new and improved…Perhaps a Nikon D5500?  

Staff Gift Guide, Francesca

Francesca Bacardi, Writer/Editor
Giving: I'm giving my guy friend a Herschel backpack. He's in law school and is looking for a "cool" way to carry his stuff around, and after seeing guys on the subway use them in the "real world," I figured it could be a gift that would last a while. From law school to a law office.

Getting (Hopefully): I want an everyday crossbody bag. One that will go with everything that's the perfect size to go out at night so I don't have to hold my cell phone in my hand all night long.

Staff Gift Guide, Carrie

Carrie Dilluvio, Social Media Coordinator
Giving: I received one of these necklaces for my birthday this year from one of my best friends with the word "fearless" on it (my favorite Taylor Swift song). I want to get a few of these for my close friends for Christmas because I love the bar style and that you can customize what it says—plus it's super cute and cheap! 

Getting (Hopefully):  This is so soccer mom of me but I'm asking for a slow-cooker so I can make all those delicious/easy-looking recipes on Pinterest.

Staff Gift Guide, Jenna

Jenna Loomer, Manager, Branded Content
Giving: It's my first Christmas with my boyfriend, so I want to give him something classic that he can wear all of the time. I just discovered MVMT watches, and I'm pretty obsessed. The best part is that all of their watches are under $150, which lets me splurge on a few extra stocking stuffers.

Getting (Hopefully): I rarely wear jewelry, and when I do I like it to be super simple. This piece is number one on my list, because its delicate, but still rocks a black diamond to give it just a touch of edge that I can wear every day. 

Staff Gift Guide, Taylor

Taylor Banks, Social Media Editor
Giving: My sister just got engaged! So I'm going for thoughtful and giving her a DIY ring holder with a wedding countdown and a present each month leading up to her big day to make her feel special before she heads down the aisle. A ring cleaning, a massage, wine tasting etc. Best sister ever? I know.

Staff Gift Guide, Mara

Mara Soldinger, Photo Editor
Giving: I am going to buy my mom a super fancy trash can…random, right? She has this weird habit of using brown paper bags instead of a trash can with a LID. This recycler looks amazing so how could she not love it?

Getting (Hopefully): I really want a new hairdryer. My current hairdryer is 10+ years old so it is time to step up my hair game. I've been eyeing this value set…fingers crossed!

Staff Gift Guide, Lindsey

Lindsey Sirera, Style Assistant Editor
Giving: If you think a hairdryer is an odd or impersonal gift, then you've never seen my mom's clunky, 15-pound drug store version. Okay, it's not that heavy, but trying to dry your hair with it is definitely an arm workout. Which is why I'm gifting my mama this super nice, lightweight dryer—hello silky smooth hair, buh-bye tired biceps

Getting (Hopefully): Okay so this isn't the most cold-weather-friendly dress ever, but I'd happily freeze in this For Love & Lemons dress. Pair it with some thigh-high boots and the right jacket, and it's practically holiday outfit… who needs shiny sequins or green-and-red getups anyways?"

Staff Gift Guide, Zach

Zach Johnson, Senior Editor
Giving:  If it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for you.

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