Posted by Tyra Banks on Friday, December 4, 2015

Why are we so obsessed with you, Tyra Banks? Well, this already answers your question.

Look, it's not like we didn't think the supermodel had some serious moves, and we're not exactly surprised that she knows how to back that thang up, but it's still quite a sight to see. Banks took to Facebook tonight to share a funny video of herself twerking to Mariah Carey's hit "Obsessed" while at a photo shoot.

Wearing a form-fitting pattern dress (that fittingly had a face on her bum), Tyra turns her back to the camera and starts doing a little booty pop to the beat. Nothing too crazy, just some minor movements. But then she gets a little lower and really goes for it once the tempo goes up and we just want to jump in and do a little twerkout with our girl!

Aside from her bootylicious moment, tonight is very monumental for the star. The longtime America's Next Top Model host will crown the final winner of the show—ever. The final four contenders of Cycle 22—Mame, Nyle, Lacey and Mikey—will narrow down to two at the beginning of the episode, with only one left standing at the very end.

And then just like that, it's over. It's OK, guys, just twerk it out.

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