Happy Birthday to my handsome , brilliant, loving son. The son i neverI had , but I have now. I love you Mama

A photo posted by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

Of course Tina Knowles didn't forget her son-in-law's special day!

"Happy Birthday to my handsome, brilliant, loving son. The son I never had, but I have now. I love you Mama," Beyoncé's mom wrote to Jay Z on Instagram for his 46th birthday Friday.

The businesswoman, designer and grandmother to Blue Ivy shared a pic of her alongside Bey and Jay on the red carpet, the family all smiles as they hugged each other and posed for the camera.

Tina wasn't the only one sending the music mogul lots of love today. Celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres, Skip Bayless, and Lance Briggs all reached out to the singer on his b-day, sending him warm wishes (although Ellen was a little off on his age, but she's allowed).

Jay responded to the birthday love with a picture of an incredible view of the mountains on what looks like a celebratory getaway.

"My view. Thank you everyone for the love. Humbled," wrote the 21-time Grammy winner and family man.

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