You know when that hotline bling, Drake can only mean one thing...

The rapper turned fashion designer dropped a sultry remix of his hit song "Hotline Bling" to promote the opening of his OVO flagship store in Los Angeles, which will sell the signature line of sweats, hats, shirts and accessories. The shop opens its doors Dec. 5.

The 90-second sexy music video begins with Drake wrapping his arms around a brunette beauty while leaning comfortably on a Ferrari.

After gazing sensually into camera, the two decide to go on a joyride down the California mountains enjoying sunsets, views of the hills, ocean and passing the Hollywood sign all in an old-school-inspired filtered frame.

The California cool vibes the video emits is right up Drake's alley as the 29-year-old looks cool, calm and collected throughout the video's entirety.

Drizzy took to Twitter to post two clips from the videos yesterday leaving his fans' jaws dropped and hearts pounding over his sexy vibes.

"Babe that ain't me. Get your arm off of her," writes one follower.

"I wanna be that girl," writes another.

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