The Royals, 204


The Royals totally turned up the heat on Sunday's episode!

First Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and King Cyrus (Jake Maskall) had an explosive fight over the unveiling of a monument, then King Cyrus' maid Violet (Keeley Hazell) decided to strip down for him, then Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) hooked up with her new friend Mandy!

And this was all before King Cyrus was caught drinking and driving.

What else happened on Sunday's episode of The Royals?

Check out the recap below to find out!

The Royals, 204


1. Princess Eleanor's Bodyguard James Tells Her to Give Up Drugs or Boys:

After her split with Beck (Andrew Cooper), Princess Eleanor receives some advice from her bodyguard James Hill (Rocky Marshall).

"Most of the time, if you're aware of the problem, you can fix the problem," James says. "You say that you're a mess."

"Yeah," Eleanor says.

"So maybe take so time to clean up the mess," James suggests.

"You mean the drugs?" Eleanor asks.

"If that's your biggest vice," James says.

"Yeah well that or men," Eleanor says.

"So pick one of the two and walk away for awhile," James tells Eleanor.

"And do what?" Eleanor asks.

"Phone a friend?" James says.

The Royals, 204


2. Princess Eleanor Tells Mandy About Her #Guyatus:

Princess Eleanor takes James' advice and meets up with her new friend Mandy. The two run away from James and spend the day smoking and roaming around London.

"You know I'm supposed to be giving up one of my vices today, dudes or drugs," Eleanor says.

"Definitely dudes," Mandy tells her.

"Yeah," Eleanor agrees.

"So hiatus from dudes huh?" Mandy asks.

"Yup hashtag guyatus," Eleanor laughs.

3. King Cyrus and Queen Helena Have an Explosive Fight:

When King Cyrus cancels the unveiling of the monument, which was supposed to be dedicated to the late King Simon, Queen Helena explodes.

"You son of a bitch!" Queen Helena yells at him when she enters his room.

Watch the video above to see their confrontation!

4. King Cyrus' Maid Violet Strips Down:

King Cyrus and his maid Violet have grown very close recently. The two share an intimate moment in this episode when Violet strips down to make sure everything's working on King Cyrus! Take a look at the video above to see what happens!

The Royals, 204


5. Prince Liam Unveils the Monument:

Prince Liam shows up to the monument and addresses the crowd. He asks the guards to stand down as he unveils the monument, telling everyone that his dad deserves "1,000 monuments."

The guards stand down as Liam unveils the monument and the crowd cheers.

The Royals, 204


6. Mandy Kisses Princess Eleanor:

Mandy and Princess Eleanor return to the palace after spending the day together. The two are in Princess Eleanor's smoking when Mandy kisses her and Princess Eleanor pulls back.

"Um," Princess Eleanor says.

"Oh my God I completely misread that whole situation," Mandy says.

"No no no it's OK," Eleanor tells her. "Mandy honestly it's fine it's just um I realized this morning when I was like scrolling through my phone that I really don't have a lot of friends. I have my brother and I have the monarchy. But I had a really fun day today, like the best day I can probably remember, ever. I just don't want to um, I feel like you're gonna be important to me."

"Aw, important enough not to make out with me?" Mandy jokes.

"Come on, let's not get completely ahead of ourselves," Eleanor says.

The girls then hug and Eleanor tells Mandy she'll be right back.

The Royals, 204


7. Queen Helena, Alexandra Park and William Moseley Have a Bonding Moment:

Prince Liam catches Queen Helena on the hunt for Princess Eleanor's stash of weed. While Prince Liam helps his mom look, Princess Eleanor arrives.

"Unbelievable," Princess Eleanor says. "It's my weed!"

"Stop being a princess," Queen Helena says. "Didn't your mother teach you to share?"

"No," Eleanor says as she passes her weed to Prince Liam.

The trio then sit down together, Prince Liam and Queen Helena start to smoke while Princess Eleanor declines.

"You both have Simon's tenacity and his strength," Queen Helena tells them. "He was right you know, the only way to survive any of this is to chose love and to help each other."

"Are you OK mom?" Prince Liam asks.

"I'm just tired," she says.

The Royals, 204


8. Princess Eleanor and Mandy Hook Up:

Princess Eleanor arrives back in her room to find Mandy in her bed.

"I hope you don't mind, I made myself more comfortable," Mandy says.

"I don't mind at all," Princess Eleanor tells her. "I was just talking with my mum."

"You mean the Queen of England," Mandy says.

"That very one," Princess Eleanor says.

She explains that her mom told her to "follow her heart" and "to be happy."

Mandy asks if that means #Guyatous is over and Eleanor tells her "no" and they start kissing.

"I was happy when I saw you in my bed," Princess Eleanor tells Mandy.

"Trust me baby you're about to get a lot happier," Mandy tells Princess Eleanor.

The Royals, 204


9. King Cyrus Crashes His Car Into King Simon's Monument:

King Cyrus decides to drink and drive his car into King Simon's monument. A crowd rushes to help him after he crashes and then they realize he's drunk.

"You have to stay here," a man says.

"I don't have to do sh-t," King Cyrus says. "I'm the god damn King of England.  You don't like me do you? So be it. You don't have to, but guess what? I don't have to like you either."

King Cyrus then drops the bottle of alcohol he's holding and says, "Boom."

The Royals, 204


10. Mandy Is Actually Samantha:

Mandy wakes up while Princess Eleanor is still asleep, so she decides to wonder around the palace.

Jasper catches her and says, "What are you doing here?"

She turns around and Jasper asks, "I asked you a question, what are you doing here Samantha?"

Wait, WHAT?! Samantha, as in Jasper's ex Samantha?

"Finishing what we started baby," Samantha/Mandy says before kissing Jasper!

We can't wait to see what happens next.

Take a look at the video above to see a complete recap of this episode!

Watch an all-new episode of The Royals Sunday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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