If Maya Rudolph sends you a party invitation, you'd better accept.

While promoting Universal Pictures' comedy Sisters, in theaters nationwide Dec. 18, E! News' Will Marfuggi asked the actress what shenanigans might occur if she were able to throw a party without facing any consequences, just as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's characters do in the movie.

"Really?" Maya asked. "Do you really wanna know?"

Uh, of course Will wanted to know. We all wanna know!

"It would be a big roller rink, because I love to roller-skate. I'm not kidding! And Prince would be playing music live while I roller-skate. Beyoncé and I would be dancing together, because we're best friends in my fantasy," Maya joked. "Ooh, what else? There would be a lot of food."

Maya laughed at her idea, calling it "so stupid!"

"No, it's awesome!" Will assured Maya, who plays Brinda in the movie. "It sounds like an awesome party. You have Prince and Beyoncé and a ton of food and there's roller-skating." Maya then had another brilliant idea. "Bill Murray might just show up and say, you know, 'Maya, do you wanna sing a song with me?' Or like, 'Let's just hang out and be best friends.'"

Maya Rudolph


The two happen to be friends in real life, which makes her suggestion all the more plausible. Being in Bill's company is "the best thing ever," the actress told E! News. "I'm not kidding. I love him so much. It's not normal. But, I mean, I grew up genuinely loving Saturday Night Live and he was one of my all-time favorite people. And it's more than that. He's one of those people that you feel fantastic around. He's just great with people. I was joking at first, but now I'm serious."

Maya and Bill are such good friends that she's also making an appearance in his Netflix Christmas special, premiering Friday. "A Very Murray Christmas is exactly what you want it to be. It's an extravaganza. It's him doing his Nick the lounge singer character at his best, and all these amazing people pop in to the Carlyle, which like the most beautiful, Christmassy, wintry thing. I get to sing Paul Shaffer. It was really exciting," the actress said. "That was really cool."

To find out how Maya met Tina and Amy, watch the video above.

(E! and Universal Pictures are both members of the NBCUniversal family.)

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