Pamela Anderson, Love Magazine

LOVE Magazine

Pamela Anderson may be incredibly sexy, but we're not so sure her hotness is helpful in the kitchen.

The 48-year-old model is featured for the third day of LOVE magazine's advent calendar, baking a vegan cake in the kitchen and—thanks to stylist Anthony Unwin—wearing nothing but some black lingerie, a matching wig and some fine jewelry by Boucheron.

The video, which was directed by Doug Inglish, shows Pam stripped down into her skivvies as she attempts to bake the cake (and fails) while dancing around and smoking a cigarette—all, of course, with a total sex goddess demeanor. At one point she even dips her pert derriere into the cake's frosting and gyrates around, sending all viewers into a frenzy of fantasizing (bet you never thought a cake could do that!).

LOVE kicked off their annual advent calendar on Tuesday with Kendall Jenner. The 20-year-old model somehow managed to make a hammerhead shark costume look hot as she paired it with a bright red pout, a black bikini and a pair of strappy heels. In the video, we watch as Shark Kendall sneaks up and scares a bikini-clad Kendall who is showering. It's all a little weird and yet totally sexy at the same time.

Then, on Wednesday, they continued the countdown to the holidays with a video of Gigi Hadid. We watched as the sexy supermodel danced around in lingerie and showed off her never-ending legs, toned booty and ample cleavage, blowing kisses to the camera with her deep red pout.

With the help of casting director Anita Bitton and digital art director Johnny Lu, the publication has promised several more famous faces for the calendar, including Gigi's younger sis, Bella Hadid as well as Miley Cyrus and Cara DeLevingne. We can't wait to see them all!

Check out Pam's full video above!

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