ESC, Zendaya Beauty Beat

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

For this video edition of The Beauty Beat, E! Style Collective goes one on one with style icon in the making Zendaya. At a photo shoot in downtown LA, the new CHI spokesperson broke down her skin-care routine and shared her hair and makeup essentials.

At 19, the actress, who has almost flawless skin, offered up some pretty sage advice for maintaining a healthy complexion—even when wearing layers of makeup under bright lights is all a part of hard's days work.

"My everyday makeup look is not putting anything on my face," said the star. "You just got to let your skin breathe."

Of course, the singer still has her favorite products, which includes highlighter for an easy-to-get glow and gardenia-scented everything.

But what's the most underrated product in her opinion? How does Zendaya stay in shape? What's her super-simple secret to staying moisturized this winter season? Watch the video to see how the star answers all our beauty-related inquiries.

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