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LOVE Magazine

Gigi Hadid isn't afraid to strip down and show off some sexy dance moves!

The 20-year-old supermodel is featured in day 2 of LOVE magazine's advent calendar, stripping down into some skimpy lingerie and looking beyond sexy as she dances around in front of the camera. Wearing a pair of black chain heels, she shows off her never-ending legs, and at one point the video even gets close up on her pert derriere as well as her abundant, lace-covered cleavage.

Gigi follows on the heels of bestie, Kendall Jenner, who was featured on day 1 of the calendar. The 20-year-old somehow managed to make a hammerhead shark costume look hot, wearing nothing but a black bikini and sky-high heels underneath. The short video shows Kendall in costume sneaking up on Kendall in the shower, and it's all really weird and somehow super sexy all at the same time.

LOVE also teased that another Hadid will make an appearance in the advent calendar this month: Gigi's younger sister, Bella. The publication featured a couple images of the 19-year-old model rocking baby pink lingerie and bunny ears as she casually filed her nails—you know, like we all do (not).

Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid


Meanwhile, we're sure Zayn Malik is pretty stoked over Gigi's new video! Though the two have yet to confirm if they're dating, they were spotted holding hands while leaving Los Angeles hot spot The Nice Guy late Sunday evening—the second time they were spotted getting intimateat the Italian eatery in just one week! And apparently it's because they just can't get enough of each other.

"Gigi and Zayn couldn't keep their hands off each other," a source described to E! News of their outing. "They were holding hands under the table, whispering in each others' ears, and Zayn [was] holding Gigi's leg. Gigi was so attached to him that she even followed Zayn outside to the patio during a smoke break."

Well, we have a feeling it'll be even harder for Zayn to keep his hands off her after watching this video!

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