Krysten Ritter

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for SXSW

Krysten Ritter wants all the little kids to know that even the prettiest of people went through an awkward phase…using herself as the prime example.

The gorgeous Defenders actress took to Twitter to share a hilariously dorky throwback of herself as a youngster, complete with chopped bangs, a turtleneck and oversized glasses.

She captioned the image perfectly: "It gets better kiddies!!!" LOL! Indeed, it does.

In fact, Ritter landed the titular character of what's bound to be your next Netflix obsession: Marvel's Jessica Jones. The series just dropped on Friday and is already taking viewers by storm, much thanks to Ritter's ability to play Jessica to perfection.

"That woman can deliver a dry line like nobody else," executive producer, Melissa Rosenberg, told E! News about the actress. "What's so funny is people keep asking me, 'What are the limitations working with Marvel?' and really, the only one I could ever think of was I'm not allowed to drop any f-bombs. Everybody who saw it goes, 'Wait a minute, she didn't?' I was like, 'No.'"

She continues, "I realized the reason people think they are hearing that is because Krysten Ritter can say that with her eyes. She could say, 'polar bear' and it'd be an f-bomb. She's got that kind of skill."

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