How much would you pay to see an Oscar-winning actress weep in front of you? For some in New York City's Time Square, the performance barely warrants a single dollar bill. 

Academy Award winner Julianne Moore took to the streets of the Big Apple alongside Billy Eichner for an episode of the self-titled improv comedy show, Billy On the Street. 

While ordinary people dressed in cartoon garb typically catch the eye of tourists visiting the city's legendary Times Square, Eichner wanted to test a hypothesis—could a high-profile Hollywood actress like Moore captivate the same level of attention? Surprisingly, it turned out to be a far more challenging feat than we'd expect. 

"I'm not a big fan of Spiderman, but I do like great actresses, so today I brought out one of my favorite characters—the one and only Julianne Moore," Eichner exclaimed at the start of the segment. 

The deal was simple—a dollar in exchange for a short monologue performed by Moore handpicked from her lengthy filmography of cinematic hits, including The Hours, The Big Lebowski, The Kids Are All Right and The End of the Affair. We don't think a better deal has ever existed, even on Black Friday. 

Julianne Moore, Oscars 2015, GIF

Still, many onlookers were hesitant when Eichner barged into their lives toting the gorgeous redhead along with him. An unsuspecting Aussie was the first to encounter the duo. He quickly recognized Moore and fished a dollar out of his wallet in exchange for a tearful rendition of a scene from The Kids Are All Right. It's clear why this woman took home a golden statue this year. 

Unfortunately, after breaking up a kissing couple, a language barrier prevented Moore from truly connecting with another gentleman who was in the middle of taking a selfie with Cookie Monster when the two barged in.

"Don't take a picture with Cookie Monster! It's Julianne Moore," Eichner screeched as he drew the tourist's attention to the actress. While he remained clueless to her identity, Moore gave it her best effort by beginning to sob on cue.

Adding fuel to the comedic fire, Eichner urged the unidentified man to comfort the award winner and the two embraced in a very awkward hug.  

Still, the most hysterical encounter came at the video's finale, when Moore met a woman who screamed at the sight of her.

To tie up any lose ends, Eichner finished with one stark statement—all together now: "F--k Spiderman." 

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