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Thou shall not envy.

But ohhhhh how we can't help but envy everyone who has not yet seen tonight's American Horror Story, because it's a deeply satisfying, mind-blowing TV watching experience we just want to live all over again.

The Ten Commandments Killer—the one John (Wes Bentley) has been hunting since the first episode—is revealed within the first 8 minutes of tonight's eighth episode, and you should probably have a loved one on standby (at the very least by phone) so you have someone to listen to your yelps and screams. Not just at the first reveal, but at the entire episode, which brilliantly pieces together how it all connects.

Not only is tonight's Killer reveal this season's boldest moment, it's also a stroke of genius in that—although surprising—it also makes perfect sense. The writers walk you through the backstory of how the Killer came to be, step by step, and suddenly, you realize what this whole show has been about since the very beginning. You were watching a deeply layered, master plot with a point--and had no idea while doing so.

Just a giant standing O to American Horror Story, which is enjoying what may arguably be the best season yet.

A few little teases that won't ruin anything but will get you thinking:

  1. There's a reason The Countess took Holden (what she said before was a lie).
  2. There's a character death you will not see coming.
  3. Sarah Paulson's character Sally is much more integral than you know.

 ENJOY and check back here at E! Online for scoop right when the episode ends!

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