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Who you gonna call? Children of the ‘80s and ‘90s! That's who!

Coca-Cola has managed to get our nostalgic hearts all aflutter with speculation that the soda company is bringing back a cherished beverage from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Eagle-eye Internet users noticed that in September, Coca-Cola quietly renewed the trademark for "Ecto Cooler." And yes, it was approved. Fans of the original Ghostbusters movies will need no explanation for what that means, but for everyone else, here's why that's super exciting.

Back in the early ‘80s when Ghostbusters first came out, the beloved fruit drink Hi-C put out a flavor that tied in with the movie. It was called "Ecto Cooler" and it featured the one and only Slimer. It was basically an orange-flavored drink.

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The movie tie-in was removed years later, but the citrusy drink stayed around (changed to "Shoutin' Orange Tangerine") and if you lived in that era, chances are you slurped that crunk juice up at least once. It was delicious. So with the upcoming Ghostbusters movie coming up and this trademark filing…are we getting a revival of the Hi-C Ecto Cooler?!

The beverage was discontinued in 2007, but we all know it wouldn't be surprising if it was brought back from the beverage graveyard. Coca-Cola also brought back Surge last year after an online campaign begged for its return. And this year, Pepsi released Pepsi Perfect to commemorate Back to the Future Day. Basically, sugary drinks + nostalgia = profit.

So start practicing your straw-to-hole aim because Ecto Cooler might be on a shelf near you very soon, probably just in time for the release of Paul Fieg's Ghostbusters film. We don't care if it's all a marketing ploy…give us our childhood drink back!

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